Fundraising Information

Fundraising for Fall has officially begun! 

At Candles By Carol we’ve made fundraising for your organization a breeze. Here’s how it works: 

Each person participating in the fundraiser will get a double-sided 11 x 17″ fundraiser form similar to the one pictured below (the form you'll receive will not show your profits like the one below). The fundraisers have our 12 of our most popular scents for the current season available in our jelly jar candles, scent sprays, and tarts. You'll make 50% profit on every product sold* and sell for 2 to 3 weeks. At the end of the fundraiser you'll email us your totals sold and we'll fill your order and have it ready to pickup within 2 to 3 weeks and you'll pay when you pick up the order. To get your organization earning give us a call at 972-772-3758 so we can get your fundraiser started ASAP!
*All organizations must sell at least $1000 in order to be eligible for the full 50% ($500 to us and $500 profit for you)
**Tax ID must be provided or you will have to pay sales tax on all items sold
If more than 50 forms are being printed at least two items must be sold per form printed to be eligible for the full 50% profit
Front of Brochure:

Inside of Brochure:
Back of Brochure: