Fundraising Information

Our fundraising season for Spring & Summer of this year has ended. We will resume fundraisers starting September 1st. If you'd like to start one then please message us a few weeks before and we'll get you going! Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. If you'd like to know more about how fundraising with us works please see below:


At Candles By Carol we’ve made fundraising for your organization a breeze. Here’s how it works: 
Each person participating in the fundraiser will get a double-sided 11 x 17″ fundraiser form like the one pictured below. The fundraisers have our 9 most popular scents for the current season available in our small, medium, and large candles and in our tarts. You'll make 50% profit on every product sold* and sell for 2 to 3 weeks. At the end of the fundraiser you'll email us your totals sold and we'll fill your order and have it ready to pickup within 1 to 2 weeks and you'll pay when you pick up the order. To get your organization earning give us a call at 972-772-3758 so we can get your fundraiser started ASAP!
*All organizations must sell at least $1000 in order to be eligible for the full 50% ($500 to us and $500 profit for you)
If more than 50 forms are being printed at least two items must be sold per form printed to be eligible for the full 50% profit
Front of Brochure:

Inside of Brochure:
Back of Brochure: