Our Candles, Tarts, & Scent Sprays

We have been pouring candles for over 16 years and we take pride in each and every one. We use the premium that can retain the high amount of quality oils that we use. We put our money into the wax and the scent because we believe the smell is the most important part of any candle. Our small jelly jar candles burn around 60 hours and our medium and large candles 2-wick candles both burn around 85 hours.

Our tarts are made with the same fragrant oils as our candles but the wax is a harder version that allows it to release easily so you won't have to scrap to get them out of your burners. We are very confident they are stronger and longer lasting than other tarts you've tried! *Sold in increments of 4.

Our Scent Sprays are made with our quality oils. Spray a few sprays on the carpet in your home or your car for scent that will last for hours! These are extremely concentrated so one bottle will last for weeks. Spray throughout the house for an instant solution to a stinky problem! Perfect for teachers or anyone who's not able to use candles or tarts at their job. *For use on carpets