Our Products

We have been making candles since 2000 and we hand pour pride into every one. We use only the finest wax and most fragrant oils on the market so that we can deliver the best possible smelling experience to everyone's home or workplace.

If you've never had a candle of ours you're missing out! Here's our lineup!

Small Candles - $11.25 each

small candles

Our small candles are our most popular size. They are perfect for small to medium size spaces and have an average burn time of around 55 hours.

Large Candles - $24 each

large candles

Our new large candle size is the best option for large rooms and open areas and for those who want the strongest scent possible. Our 3-wick design is like lighting three candles at once. Their average burn time is around 75 hours.

Tarts (For Scentsy Type Warmers) - $9 for a Set of 4

Our tarts are made with the same fragrant oils as our candles but the wax is a harder version that allows them to release easily so you won't have to scrap to get them out of your burners. We are very confident that they are stronger and longer lasting than other tarts you've tried!

Scent Sprays - $11.25 each

Our Scent Sprays are perfect for your car or home. Spray a few sprays for instant fragrance that will last for hours! These are extremely concentrated, so one bottle will last for weeks. Spray throughout the house for a quick solution to a stinky problem!

Oils (For Diffusers) - $10 each

oil (for diffuser)

Our highly scented oils are the best smelling oils you'll ever use in your diffuser! The same fragrant oils we use for our candles, tarts, and scent sprays now available as pure oil. No additives or fillers, ever!