About Us

I'm Carol.

I founded Candles By Carol in 2000. I love all things that smell good. I feel so blessed to have this incredible business and I am so grateful for everyone who helps support it.

Favorite Scents: Earthy, woody scents - Hippy Chick, Cloud 9, the Woodsman, and Sweet Tobacco

What Inspires Me: Faith and family inspire me to be the best version of myself and hard work fills my soul with pride.

Favorite Hobbies: When not working I like to bike, read, spend time with my sweet grand babies and soak up the sun!

I'm Ryan.

I’m Carol’s son and right hand man. I do everything from pouring, to helping customers, to creating our website, to unloading the wax. I’ve been helping the family business since I was a teenager and have helped it continue to grow into what it is today.

Favorite Scents: Clean and masculine scents - Clean Green, Sweet Cream Pistachio, Coastal Man, and Woodland Noir

What Inspires Me: Being a great father and husband and living a healthy, balanced life I’m proud of

Favorite Hobbies: I’m an aspiring grill master, my second job is the gym, I love movies, music of all kinds, trying new restaurants, being a dad, and taking trips with my beautiful wife.


I'm Lydia.

I started working with Candles By Carol in 2019. I help make the candles, tarts, and sprays. I do everything from putting the jars in the ovens to labeling, lidding, and boxing the candles.

Favorite Scents: Sweet and clean scents - Creme Brulee, Hawaiian Breeze, Rosemary Mint, and Fierce

What Inspires Me: Faith is my strength! I look forward to and love coming to work everyday. It makes me happy. Carol and Ryan are my second family.

Favorite Hobbies: Walking, spending time with my grandkids, cooking, and cleaning. Call me weird but I love to iron and do laundry! Anything to keep busy.