Should I Use Candles or Tarts?


One of the most common questions we get is "Should I use candles or tarts? Which is stronger?" We suggest both! We recommend candles for bigger rooms like living rooms and bedrooms and tarts for smaller rooms like bathrooms. The reason for this has everything to do with the difference between candles and tarts.

So What's Difference?
Well with candles the smell is always strong and consistent. If you light one of our candles that only has 1/2" of wax left it will still burn just as strong as it did the first time you lit it. Tarts are a little different. The oil from the tarts slowly evaporates from the first use and continues to evaporate until all the smell is gone. This means the first few times you use a tart it will smell very strong but after several uses you'll notice that its not quite as powerful. Since the smell isn't as consistent as the smell with candles this makes them less ideal for larger areas that require large amounts of smell to fully penetrate the room but perfect for smaller rooms such as bathrooms where the smell doesn't have to be as strong to be noticed since the room is so much smaller.

One thing we want to make clear is you can absolutely use tarts everywhere in your home including large areas and still have a great smelling house, just be prepared to change out the tarts more frequently. In smaller rooms such as bathrooms you won't have to change out the tarts as much because like we said earlier the smell doesn't have to be quite as strong since the room is so much smaller.

20 oz Candles vs 8 oz Candles
Our 20 ounce candles have two wicks and burn between 75-85 hours each. Lighting one of our 20 ounce candles is like lighting two 8 ounce candles making them perfect for large, open areas. The 8 ounce jelly jars burn 48-60 hours each and are perfect for small to medium sized rooms.